S-Cube provides tailored solutions from a business strategy, global strategy, and personnel development perspective

1.Business Strategy

Support driving IP strategy to reflect the business strategy

IP can be leveraged by companies if IP practices such as patent prosecution, patent management, and portfolio management align with the business strategy. IP practice aligned with business strategy will raise the profile of the IP Division, making it a valued and trusted business partner.

<Support options>

  • Assist in aligning IP practices with the business strategy
  • Assist in preparing IP strategy to reflect the business strategy

2.Global Strategy

Support IP professionals to enable them to succeed anywhere in the world

Global networking and smooth communication with local representatives enables IP professionals to succeed in IP prosecution, litigation and transaction anywhere in the world.

<Support options>

  • Assist in choosing local representatives and corresponding with them
  • Assist in setting appointments and acting as a liaison with global counterparts

3.Personnel development

Support those working in IP to become IP professionals who provide wining IP strategies for their companies

“IP professionals” have a holistic view of the company with insights into R&D, manufacturing, sales, and management.

<Support options>

  • Educate IP people to turn them into “IP professionals” by developing their IP strategy skills.