S-Cube Corporation

S-Cube Corporation

S-Cube supports companies to leverage IP in terms of business strategy, global strategy, and personnel development

IP Advisor, Pharmaceutical Business Support
IP English and Global Business Communication Training
IP Seminars, In-House IP Training
IP Application and Prosecution, Patent Disputes, Contract Negotiations
*Patent attorneys in "S-Cube International Patent Firm" represent IP application, prosecution and trial.

Business Strategy Support

1. Patent search
We support patent searches for freedom to operate, patent invalidation trials, or opposition.
2. IP management support
We help you to manage your patent portfolio, build an internal IP management infrastructure or patent management system.
3. Pharmaceutical business support
We help pharmaceutical companies by providing advice on enforcing patents, patent portfolio management, countermeasures to third-party patents, overseas expansion, patent filing strategy, and aligning IP practice with business strategy.
4. IP business supports for patent firms or venders
We help patent firms or IP-related vendors to find new clients and accelerate their business.
5. IP Advisor on a contract basis

* S-Cube International Patent Firm represents IP prosecutions including appeal, opposition, and trial in the Japanese Patent Office.

Global Strategy Support

1. IP English
We provide seminars/workshops on "IP English communication" including presentation, discussion, facilitation, and writing, and also provide seminars on the translation of IP-related documents such as patent specification, office actions, and agreements.
We translate the IP-related documents and evaluate translations by your outside translators or yourself.

2. Global business communication
We provide global communication training based on actual experiences from working for American multinationals and working with English-speaking local representatives. Training includes keys to communication with English-speaking counterparts (conversation, conference calls, facilitating meetings, writing, etc.).

Personnel development

1. IP education
We provide IP education to your people in IP, R&D, sales & marketing, and management.

2. In-house IP education systems
We support building in-house IP education systems.


Our consultation process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Identify the current situation and issues
Identify client needs and current issues through interviews
Step 2: Goal setting
Confirm client's objectives and set goals with the client
Step 3: Action Plan Setting
Create an action plan to address the issues and close the gap between the current situation and the client's goals
Step 4 (optional): PDCA management
Manage the progress of client’s action plan

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IP English communication

"IP English Communication" refers to the common English communication of IP professionals in a corporate IP dept. or patent firms between their foreign colleagues or attorneys. This concept was created by S-Cube based on our customer’s voice.

We believe "global IP professionals" with "IP English Communication" skills can work anywhere in the world to help companies leverage corporate IP.
S-Cube holds "IP English Communication" workshops and seminars for IP professionals who want to become "global IP professionals."

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